Workflow Management

Capture Clinical Measures Digitally

Use Atlas to evaluate fit-for-purpose remote monitoring technologies across clinical research, clinical care, and public health

How It Works

Timeline Workflow
Follow a simple three-step process via the timeline format
A diagram showing how concept of interest is broken down into clinical measures

Define Measures

Use Atlas to narrow your query into the measurable outcomes that matter most to your patient population


Decide Technology

Curate remote monitoring products in Atlas based on your specific priorities for efficient selection

Example showing connected sensors table as well as details for a specific sensor

Deploy at Home

Stick with Atlas for successful procurement, deployment and management of your connected products

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How Our Knowledge Asset Learns & Grows

Our research team works with a combination of proprietary algorithms to review evidence and products in great detail and update Atlas daily


For inclusion in Atlas, evidence must meet predefined quality metrics. For example:

Peer reviewed papers must include the make and model of a specific product
Regulatory decisions are focused on FDA 510(k) and De Novo clearances
Clinical trials are focused on industry-sponsored trials
We work with many collaborators to update Atlas, including but not limited to:
Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative
via the Feasibility Studies Database
Scripps Research Translational Institute
via the Digital Health Library (Press Release)
Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)
via the Endpoint Library and ‘The Playbook
Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science
this Nature npj paper uses Atlas data!


Atlas is focused on biometric monitoring technologies (e.g., BioMeTs, which include wearables, portable monitors and other sensor based products) that can be used by a person in their home. Our inclusion/exclusion criteria aligns with the scope described within The Playbook

Atlas Platform

Benefits of choosing to use Atlas platform include an easy-to-follow timeline view, faster implementation, and access to tools for collaborating with colleagues

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Atlas API


Choose Atlas API for custom solutions and the ability to ingest metadata from 3000+ measures and 1000+ sensors into your app

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Clinical Research

Identify technologies for measuring digital endpoints
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Clinical Care

Implement remote monitoring to improve patient outcomes
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