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Focus on discovery, not review
Save time and effort on literature review by using our curated platform of DHT’s to quickly generate new ideas, evaluate evidence, and document discoveries.
Supercharge your team collaboration
Work with your team more efficiently no matter if you are evaluating one technology or hundreds — document and share all of your DHT decisions in one place.

How to apply for AtlasEDU

Applications are reviewed by the HumanFirst research team daily

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Fill out an application form


Tell us a little about the research you are doing, how you are incorporating (or plan to incorporate) DHTs, and how Atlas might be useful to you.

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Make sure your publications are available to other researchers and give back to the Atlas community.

Share your experiences


Share qualitative feedback about the DHTs you’ve used, your study populations, and observed outcomes to benefit other emerging researchers.

Quickly evaluate digital measures and technologies for your research

Get access to Atlas, the Digital Health Technology (DHT) research platform used by 22 of the top 25 Pharma companies, with a 5-minute application
Implement with confidence
Use Atlas to identify measures and DHTs of interest, use that data to justify tech selection in your grants, and get to publishing sooner.
Atlas at a glance
Physiological and behavioral measures classified into 850+ categories
Digital health technologies (DHTs) catalogued in Atlas
Medical Conditions
Clinical areas spanning 20+ therapeutic areas
Pieces of Evidence
Clinical trials, peer-reviewed papers, conference abstracts, FDA decisions, and more!
Example of the timeline feature in the platform. Shows three steps of measures, technology, and operations.
“PubMed is daunting – I either don’t find anything or find too much to sift through. Atlas gives me the information I need to confidently make a good decision, quickly.”
Digital Health Scientist, Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company