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Mark is responsible for strategy and planning of digital health solutions for Janssen R&D. He needs to facilitate multiple clinical study teams across therapeutic areas deciding what endpoints make the most sense to collect digitally and conduct a risk-benefit assessment of technologies.


The 3 step process sets the foundations for clinical study teams to hone in on digital clinical measures to detect meaningful change and framework for tech evaluations. It’s updating daily with new literature and technologies

The Atlas' Role
Atlas' Role
How Atlas Helps
Example of timeline in our product
Follow the timeline
Turn a complex process into simple steps for identifying your fit-for-purpose connected sensors.
Collect and Collaborate
Bookmark evidence and chat with colleagues to sift through measures of focus.
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Filter and Save
Collaborate with colleagues to filter by key metrics and identify fit-for-purpose sensors.
Example of connected sensors within our platform.
Example of comparing connected sensors within our platform.
Compare with confidence
Review up to four sensors at a time to assess the attributes that matter most to you.
“Very impressed to see such good information so quickly. What you guys are doing is a lot more rigorous than what I did. Can’t thank you enough!”
Marc Alary
Head of R&D Engineering, J&J
Atlas helps you capture clinical measures digitally
Get more details on using Atlas to evaluate fit-for-purpose remote monitoring technologies across clinical research, clinical care, and public health.
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