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Advancing biopharmaceutical research with precision measures

Reduce costs and de-risk trial portfolios by measuring what matters to your patient population.

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Fast track drug development with biopharma's cloud-based platform for insights and evidence


24 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies use our ecosystem comprising validated digital health technologies, digital biomarkers, eCOAs, research partners, and educational tools.


Customers have saved up to 1 year of research time and $3 million working with HumanFirst. Accelerate drug development, reduce costs, and improve confidence of submissions with evidence-based precision measures.


Prioritize patient-centered research by understanding and measuring what matters to patients. Increase diversity in clinical trials by leveraging AI-powered digital biomarkers.

Our evidence at a glance
Physiological and behavioral measures classified into 850+ categories
The most robust precision measures platform on the market is growing daily
Medical Conditions
Clinical areas spanning 20+ therapeutic areas
Pieces of Evidence
Clinical trials, peer-reviewed papers, conference abstracts, FDA decisions, and more!
Work with HumanFirst to incorporate evidence-based precision measures to differentiate your clinical research
If what I'm looking for isn't on HumanFirst then it probably doesn't exist and needs to be developed. In that case, I use HumanFirst to find similar approaches and try to repurpose existing devices and relevant research papers.”
Associate Director, Digital Health Sciences,  Top 10 Pharma Company

Higher quality & accurate decisions,
4x faster


Industry-standard frameworks backed by the most comprehensive library of evidence, spanning over 15,000 measures and 3,000 technologies


Up to $3M in savings due to reduction in avoidable protocol amendments across the clinical development lifecycle for a single asset


Deploy patients in trials up to 12 months faster than traditional methods with precision measurement recommendations backed by evidence

Our Research

Our team prioritizes open-access publications and has been featured in top peer-reviewed journals.