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Differentiate your clinical research with precision measures

HumanFirst’s AI-powered insights and evidence platform – with validated digital health technologies, digital biomarkers, eCOAs, research partners & educational tools – helps biopharma bring better treatments to market faster
Unlock precision measures for your research with HumanFirst
Research teams work with HumanFirst to:

Put Patients First

What precision measures matter to patients? Can we use these to differentiate our portfolio and bring better, patient-centered treatments to market faster?


Develop Novel Protocols

What assessments, including COAs and non-digital biomarkers, should we include in our protocol to make clinical research more effective?


Increase R&D Efficiency

How can we eliminate the risk of poor measurement selection or incomplete data to bring treatments to market faster and improve the lives of patients?

Our evidence at a glance
Physiological and behavioral measures classified into 850+ categories
The most robust precision measures platform on the market is growing daily
Medical Conditions
Clinical areas spanning 20+ therapeutic areas
Pieces of Evidence
Clinical trials, peer-reviewed papers, conference abstracts, FDA decisions, and more!

Why validated precision measures? 

Differentiate your assets
Unlock novel measures, new clinical endpoints and target patient populations to maximize return on research investment.
Improve research diversity and inclusivity
Increase geographic, racial, age, and socioeconomic inclusivity by eliminating accessibility burdens for research participants.
“PubMed is daunting – I either don’t find anything or find too much to sift through. Atlas gives me the information I need to confidently make a good decision, quickly.”
Digital Health Scientist, Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company

Be First with HumanFirst

HumanFirst’s AI-powered insights and evidence platform accelerates and precisely guides biopharma’s drug development and health strategy outcomes

Digital biomarkers & eCOAs

We harness the evidence of AI-powered digital biomarkers and eCOAs to help biopharma accelerate patient-centered clinical research

Validated Evidence

All evidence in our platform meets predefined quality metrics. For example:

Peer-reviewed papers must include the make and model of a specific product
Regulatory decisions are focused on FDA 510(k) and De Novo clearances
Clinical trials are focused on industry-sponsored trials
We work with many collaborators to update our evidence, including but not limited to:
Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative
via the Feasibility Studies Database
Scripps Research Translational Institute
via the Digital Health Library (Press Release)
Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science
this Nature npj paper uses Atlas data!

The Platform

The platform enables more efficient, evidence based decisions on measures and tools and greater confidence in downstream use in a study or care management

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