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Why We’re Here

HumanFirst is advancing remote patient monitoring by enabling the safe and effective use of connected sensors at home. Technology has always moved faster than our ability to safeguard ourselves from its consequences. Connected health products are no exception.

Where We're Headed

We currently serve 22 of the top 25 pharma companies in the United States. Now, we’re expanding into the care market. We have some unprecedented challenges to tackle, and are looking for people who are ready to do the most important work of their career. Are you ready to help us put healthcare within everyone’s reach?

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Team Values

What defines our team

Continuous Feedback
Effective larger organizations often focus on the value of ‘obligation to dissent,’ where any teammate, regardless of rank, is obligated to oppose a prevailing decision if they disagree with it. In smaller growing organizations like ours, where there are many unknowns, it’s critical not only to find flaws, but also to build. Rather than ‘obligation to dissent,’ we find effective team members encourage others to ‘speak up.’
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Commitment to Personal Growth
We believe that people and culture are the foundation to building a world-class product. Our team develops one another’s talents through apprenticeship and mentoring. We commit to each and every one of our team member’s personal growth beyond traditional professional development.
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Start-to-Finish Ownership
We look for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and not only feel comfortable with a wide breadth of responsibility and autonomy, but also need it. To empower each person on our team, we use asynchronous tools like Notion and Google Docs to ensure that you have the necessary context and support to run with your ideas/project, regardless of your timezone.
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Wearing Many Hats
Part of joining any early-stage startup is getting to wear many hats. At HumanFirst, we firmly and proudly believe in leaving ego at the door and helping out wherever and whenever you can. Teammates regularly step-up to take on roles beyond their job descriptions when needed.
Team Activities
A few fun things

Not everything we do is focused directly on our work. We are humans first, after all. We value team bonding whether it’s sharing interests or doing remote activities together.

Book Club
Topics include communication, products, and remote work norms
Remote Socials
Painting class, exercise class, brunch, and games
Staying Active
Join our 5K and Shinrin-yoku efforts
DEFCON and support of the biohacking village
Productivity Hacks
No meeting days on Wednesdays, Fridays
Executive Coaching
Support for personal growth and development

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