We are bringing healthcare home

HumanFirst is building the operational infrastructure to support decentralized trials and distributed care at home

Our Core Values

Human first

We strive to reduce human suffering by taking time to understand those who use, make, and are supported by our products

Support curiosity with rigor

Breakthroughs occur when an open mind’s ideas are further developed via the scientific method

Obligation to speak up

Any team member in meaningful disagreement is obligated to dissent and to propose an alternative hypothesis

Own your craft

Like a first-class craftsman, we never stop learning and striving towards mastery

Both relationships and autonomy matter

We believe in the non-duality of cultivating a strong community while protecting individual liberties

Every minute counts

Every moment matters when human health is at stake. We act swiftly, resourcefully, and intentionally — speed is a habit

Meet the Team

Aira Tomacruz
Andy Coravos
Co-Founder and CEO
Caprice Sassano
Research Associate
Christine Manta, MS, RD
Head of Applied Sciences
Dena Mendelsohn, JD, MPH
Head of Compliance and Privacy
Dillon Lundell
Product Engineering
Eric Perakslis, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
James Ward
Product Engineering
Jeesoo Sohn
Justin Reggi
Head of Partnerships
Tristan Rasmussen
Product Engineering

Our Advisors

Sofia Warner, MD
Reshma Khilnani
Product Engineering
Noah Zimmerman, PhD
VP of Translational Science at Tempus Labs
Julia Austin
Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School
Charles Schlaff
NPI Operations at Edwards Lifesciences
Beau Woods
Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council; Senior Advisor at CISA
Ariel Stern, PhD
Associate Professor at Harvard University
Manny Fanarjian
Clinical Operations Leader
Distributed, and working together
Our team is committed to finding the best people for the job across the country, building community wherever we can.
Investors & Supporters
HumanFirst is supported by the best in the industry, all bound by the vision of bringing healthcare home.
Maverick Ventures
Arkitekt Ventures
Boost VC
Dorm Room Fund
Founder Collective
Harvard Launch Lab
Lux Capital
National Science Foundation - I-Corps
Rough Draft VC
SV Angel
Village Global
Come Work With Us
HumanFirst is supported by the best in the industry, all bound by the vision of bringing healthcare home.
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Our Research

Our team prioritizes open-access publications and has been featured in top peer-reviewed journals.

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