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Three ways to work with Atlas

Review by medical condition

Ask Atlas about digital measures that have been studied, uncover specific evidence, and view custom reports to help prioritize measures and technology for your study


Access the Atlas Digital Measure Library

Hone your digital health technology search by utilizing the industry's most comprehensive database of digital measures and supporting evidence


Analyze digital health technologies

Identify, short-list, and compare technologies by make and model, including parameters such as level of evidence, usability, technical specs, recent validation studies, and more!

Atlas data at a glance
Digital health technologies catalogued in Atlas
Physiological and behavioral measures classified into 750+ categories
Medical Conditions
Clinical areas spanning 20+ therapeutic areas
Pieces of Evidence
Clinical trials, peer-reviewed papers, conference abstracts, FDA decisions, and more!
Example of the timeline feature in the platform. Shows three steps of measures, technology, and operations.

The benefits of remote monitoring in clinical trials

Unlock better research for all humans, sooner
Use remote monitoring technologies to capture more accurate data and additional types of data by the minute instead of by the week or month
Increase trial diversity and inclusivity
Reduce the need to restrict trial access to those who can travel, improving potential for geographic and socioeconomic inclusivity
“PubMed is daunting – I either don’t find anything or find too much to sift through. Atlas gives me the information I need to confidently make a good decision, quickly.”
Digital Health Scientist, Top 5 Pharmaceutical Company

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How our knowledge asset learns & grows

Our research team works with a combination of proprietary algorithms to review evidence and products in great detail and update Atlas daily


For inclusion in Atlas, evidence must meet predefined quality metrics. For example:

Peer-reviewed papers must include the make and model of a specific product
Regulatory decisions are focused on FDA 510(k) and De Novo clearances
Clinical trials are focused on industry-sponsored trials
We work with many collaborators to update Atlas, including but not limited to:
Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative
via the Feasibility Studies Database
Scripps Research Translational Institute
via the Digital Health Library (Press Release)
Digital Medicine Society (DiMe)
via the Endpoint Library and ‘The Playbook
Harvard-MIT Center for Regulatory Science
this Nature npj paper uses Atlas data!

Technologies in Atlas

Atlas is focused on biometric monitoring technologies (e.g., BioMeTs, which include wearables, portable monitors and other sensor-based products) and software-based components that can be used by a person in their home. Our inclusion/exclusion criteria aligns with the scope described within The Playbook

Atlas Platform

Atlas platform enables more efficient, evidence based decisions on measures and tools and greater confidence in downstream use in a study or care management

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