Make Accurate Decisions Faster with Atlas Projects

Surface answers quickly and track progress easily with new capabilities in the Atlas Platform

We enhanced our solution for collaborative precision measurement research by surfacing the most relevant data instantly, and fine-tuned the workflows to keep your work robust, yet efficient.

Teams that work with HumanFirst share a common goal: get the most effective therapies to patients, as quickly as possible.

They accelerate trials by shortening duration, reducing the number of patients required to prove efficacy and safety, and use evidence to identify measures that matter most to the patient while selecting the most effective tool to capture it.

To be successful with any of these steps, teams need to be equipped with the the most complete datasets and comprehensive list of tools to make confident decisions quickly.

The new Projects and related Lists capabilities in Atlas were designed to power fast & confident decision-making, that is unique to your research area or patient population. Here’s how:

Stay Focused

Distinguish your project’s scope by defining research criteria that create clarity for your team and emphasize what matters most to your patients.

A Neurology research lead creates a new project to identify assessments that track activity metrics in Parkinson’s.

Get Answers

Get evidence-based answers faster with instant, pre-curated results aligned to your patient population and the measures that matter, and quickly pivot to confirm corresponding evidence coverage.

A researcher selects instruments proven to measure activity in Parkinson’s in order to compare their attributes and make an informed decision.

Be Decisive

Fuel efficient review and selection by bringing your due diligence framework into your project using custom-defined Lists that keep findings and decisions organized in the most effective way for your team.

A clinical research team uses Lists to organize assessments by strength of evidence, purchase availability, and relationship to similar indications.

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Learn more about how HumanFirst is accelerating research using precision measures in their recent press release.

HumanFirst’s solutions have been used by leading academic medical institutions such as Harvard and Stanford, and by 24 out of 25 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to unlock evidence-based precision measures that bring better treatments to market, faster.