Introducing AtlasEDU by HumanFirst

The industry’s most comprehensive platform for digital health technologies and digital biomarkers is now available free of charge to qualified academic researchers.

Background: Dr. Jessilyn Dunn is an Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator at Duke University’s Big Ideas Lab, where they are doing revolutionary work to harness health data for illness prediction and prevention.

Earlier today, Greg Licholai published an article about the launch of AtlasEDU. We’re thrilled that people like Greg see the value of this product, which for a long time has been a passion project for us because of its capacity to support researchers like Dr. Dunn.

When Dr. Dunn introduced HumanFirst to her team’s COVIDENTIFY study last year, we saw it as exactly the kind of research we were on a mission to enable and improve. The study incorporates biometric information from participants’ fitness trackers or smartphones to predict COVID-19 diagnosis before symptom onset. Her team’s success with that study inspired us to launch AtlasEDU — and make it easier for all academic researchers to incorporate digital measures into their studies.

The use of digital health technologies and digital biomarkers in clinical trials is rapidly rising, and the bulk of that work is being led by academic researchers.

The use of digital health technologies by year and sponsor type in records. These data are pulled from here and supported by work from Marra et al.

Working with Dr. Dunn, the HumanFirst team recognized the benefit the Atlas platform could bring to academic researchers, but we were all too aware of the budgetary constraints that even researchers at the top research universities can face, which is why we’re so excited to introduce AtlasEDU, an academic research-focused version of the platform used by 22 of the 25 largest pharma companies in the world.

The platform is free for qualified researchers, and includes coverage of 2,800+ connected technologies capturing 15,000+ digital measures across 1000+ medical conditions.

As a physician, I know that objective, reliable, and relevant information is the foundation of sound clinical decisions. AtlasEDU helps academic researchers like Dr. Dunn evaluate and deploy digital measures and digital health technologies into their trials to empower the most advanced and accurate research possible.

We’re proud to say that in the past few weeks, researchers at Duke, Stanford, and Harvard Medical School have become early users, and we’re excited to extend our reach even further.

To see if you or your lab qualifies for access, simply fill out this grant form (takes <5 mins!).